Is to assist with patient’s personal care, including but not limited to: bathing, shampoo hair, oral hygiene, and general skin care, as well dressing or grooming. We assist with Care Plan for patients/clients: mobility and ambulation, transfers, assistance with walker use, etc.

We Feed, provide fluids, as directed in the Care Plan. Prepares and serves meals, in accordance with patience Care Plan. We assist with activities such as toileting: changing diapers, use of a bedpan, commode, or toilet; Takes and records oral, rectal and auxiliary temperatures, pulse and respiration and/or blood pressure.We provide preventive skin care techniques, turns and positions bed-bound patients, and other measures.

We provide simple procedures as instructed by the therapist or nurse. Performs range of motion etc. Under the nurse’s supervision we assist in the self-administration of medication. We assist with Light household task according to Care Plan: changing bed linen, washing dishes, grocery shopping, emptying trash, etc. We bring to the nurse’s attention any changes, urgent needs and reports observations to the RN or Case Manager promptly along with documentation of observations. We Collect urine, fecal and blood of patients for medical tests. We Monitor patient’s health condition on regular basis. Develop safe and caring environment for patients.